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Hauppauge Divorce Lawyer on New Spousal Maintenance Guidelines in NY

The New Spousal Maintenance Guidelines in New York

Long Island New York Divorce & Family Law Attorney

Governor Andrew Cuomo recently signed Bill A7645/S5678, legislation passed by the New York legislature last summer to revamp spousal maintenance in New York. The initiative to establish new guidelines came when New York adopted no-fault divorce in 2010 (the last state in the country to legalize no-fault divorce). The legislature put temporary guidelines in place then, but promised to extensively review the statute and make permanent changes.

Here are the key provisions of the new law:

• Moving forward, spousal maintenance or alimony will be calculated using a formula. Under prior guidelines, the court determined it on a discretionary basis

• For purposes of employing the formula, income will be capped at $175,000, down from $524,000 under the prior guidelines

• The guidelines allow for a reduction of spousal maintenance payments for payors who are already paying child support

• Under the new provisions, the courts have some discretion to deviate from the guidelines, based on what judges determine to be unjust or inappropriate

Read More Important Remaining Guidelines:


New guidelines in corporate wrongdoing focus on individual executives


Author: Lisa Pelosi, A Former NYC Prosecutor

NYC, including Upstate NY Criminal Defense Attorney

New guidelines issued by the Justice Department are aimed at encouraging prosecutors to go after executives in white collar criminal and civil cases. The new guidelines mandate that corporations turn over evidence of wrongdoing against individual executives if they want credit for their cooperation. And encourages prosecutors to get as much information as possible on individual execs involved in the wrongdoing, before concluding their investigations. Read More

Are you the subject of a white collar investigation? Talk to a NY criminal defense attorney
Fraud and other white collar crimes are serious charges that carry heavy penalties, and require the skill of an experienced NY criminal defense attorney. If you are being investigated for a white collar crime or have already been charged with one, let Lisa Pelosi put her 30 years of legal experience to work for you. As a former NYC prosecutor, she understands the strategies prosecutors employ to obtain convictions and can help determine a strategy to mount an effective legal defense.

Call Lisa Pelosi at 917-670-7063 for a free consultation today. Phones lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

NYC Criminal Defense Attorney, Former NYC Prosecutor

How Technology Is Shaping Real Estate Closings under TRID

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With the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID) Rule effective October 3, 2015, never has it been more crucial for lenders to supply accurate data, rates and fees upfront. TRID leaves no margin for error; charges and fees that fell under RESPA’s 10% tolerance category are now in the “zero-tolerance” category. Read more>> How Technology Is Shaping Real Estate Closings under TRID

NYC Labor Law Attorney and the Restaurant Industry

New Non-Tipping Policy – Legal Considerations

Tipping Cup

Author: Stephen D. Hans | Oct 22, 2015 |

Danny Meyer, the owner of Union Square Hospitality Group in New York City, has 12 restaurants across Manhattan and a total of 1,800 employees. According to ABC News, he will soon start to prohibit tipping and all service employees will receive wages instead, beginning in November with his restaurant, The Modern. He plans to phase all of his restaurants into a no-tipping system by the end of the year and will raise menu prices to compensate for the change. Read More

The tipping issue has two important considerations. The first is the business issue – what, if any, effect will such a decision have upon the business? Customers may react unfavorably because a specific, long-standing right of tipping their servers has been taken away by management.

But the real question is how will the restaurants handle the expected tip pool with the staff? What will owners like Meyer do with the staff given this amount of tips that was earned? Read More

In the event you are unclear on either how to pay or what records must be kept, you should feel free to call our firm, Stephen D. Hans & Associates, P.C. at (718) 275-6700 to discuss this issue and general compliance with all federal and state labor laws on payroll and wages.

Yet Another Angle for Social Media in Divorce

by Chris Palermo
Divorce & Family Law Attorney On Long Island

Huntington, NY Divorce Lawyer talks about Social Media in Divorce

We have heard about communications on Facebook and other social media networks being used as evidence in divorce cases. We have also read about the impact of social media on relationships and divorce. However, yet another association between social media and divorce has emerged in New York. Read More

This was a landmark ruling delivered by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper. A nurse named Ellanora Baidoo had been unable to locate her elusive husband, Victor Sena Blood-Dzraku. The judge permitted her to send a private message through Facebook to serve the husband with the divorce summons. Ellanora’s attorney would repeat the transmittal once a week for three consecutive weeks or until the husband acknowledged receipt of the summons.

The couple was from from Ghana, and the husband had participated in a civil wedding ceremony in 2009. However, he backed out of the traditional Ghanian wedding ceremony that they had also planned. Read More

Keeping up with the times, the judge’s ruling provided a solution and set a precedent for other New York divorce cases.

An experienced Long Island divorce lawyer like Chris Palermo can help you overcome the challenges involved with divorce. Work with a compassionate lawyer who can help you make the right decisions and strive for a favorable outcome.

Huntington, NY Divorce Lawyer talks about Social Media in Divorce

Chris Palermo, Divorce and Social Media

Drunk Driver Causes Accident in Deer Park During Police Pursuit

On Tuesday night October 13, 2015, Suffolk County police began pursuit an intoxicated driver of a 2010 Mercedes at Grand Boulevard and Carlls Straight Path around 10:00 p.m. The officer in pursuit lost sight of the Mercedes but spotted it again on the Long Island Expressway overpass at Dix Hills where it hit a 2011 Dodge Ram.

Newsday also reported that while the male driver of the Dodge Ram was okay, his son was transported to Huntington Hospital. He had minor injuries. Read More

New York is a no-fault insurance state. What does this mean? It means no matter who is at fault for causing an accident, your insurance company will cover damages up to a certain limit. The limit is $50,000. For more information, please see our No Fault Insurance Claims page.Because injuries in this accident were minor, accident victims would not have the right to pursue damages under the NY serious injury threshold established by NY statutes.

When injuries are serious, you should most definitely consult with an experienced accident lawyer as soon as possible. Palermo Tuohy Bruno offers a free consultation to accident victims. Also, if we take your case, you owe no fees unless we recover through settlement or verdict.


TRID Compliance – Using the Old HUD and New Closing Disclosure Forms Simultaneously

The neEasy Soft Logow Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) regulations have caused frenzy in the mortgage industry, but it’s not over yet.

One of the biggest and most confusing changes under TRID are coming on October 3, 2015, the date lenders and real estate settlement agents must start using two new forms: the Loan Estimate (LE) and the Closing Disclosure Form (CDF). In some situations, the new forms will replace old forms by combining the overlapping data requirements of four of the current Truth in Lending Act (TILA) and Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) forms into just two forms. Read more>> TRID-Compliance-Using-the-Old-HUD-Forms-and-New-Closing-Disclosure-Forms…


New TRID Rule Implementation Delayed. Are you ready?

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It turns out CFPB was going to need an additional two weeks after the original August 1 to compensate for an administrative error. The good news for settlement agents and real estate attorneys who were not prepared to implement the new rules is that they will have more time to get systems in place, learn the new forms and work out the bugs before October 3, 2015, so there will be no delay in their real estate closings when the date arrives. There are seven important questions to ask to determine if you are ready. >> Read more: Consumer-Financial-Protection-Bureau-Delays-Implementation-Date-for-TILA…

Jamie Graham & Associates Represent Mother In International Custody Case

Texas Attorney – International Child Custody Case

Recently, San Antonio mother, Natalie Baker went into hiding with her two children based on the fear that her husband would take them to the United Arab Emirates.

The San Antonio Express-News reported that the woman was in the middle of a divorce, and a Texas state judge ordered that the children be brought to his court. The mother refused and in response the judge ordered a capeas order, which has similar weight to an arrest warrant in a criminal case. The capeas order is for law enforcement to bring her to him to answer why she won’t comply with the order.
KSAT 12 News interviewed our attorneys, Jamie Graham and Sarah Ann Lishman about the case. They explained they do not know Natalie Baker’s and her two sons’ whereabouts. She went into hiding after losing an appeal to move the custody case from Dubai to Bexar County. She is not trying to deprive her husband of his custody rights. She is attempting to prevent her children’s forcible removal to Dubai because she fears she will lose all rights as a mother and never see them again.

The Bakers worked as diplomats for the U.S. State Department for the past two years in the United Arab Emirates, but they maintain a legal residence in Bexar County. However, the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) states that where the child resided for the past six months is the “home state.” Even so, the UCCJEA also states that the state can change “home states” when another country’s laws violate fundamental principles of human rights.

Generally speaking, courts in the United Arab Emirates do not grant equal rights to mothers and fathers. They always favor the father and grant the father custody rights.

Our attorneys at Jamie Graham & Associates, PLLC handle international custody cases, which have become increasingly common in our mobile society. If you face custody issues, it is important to have a skilled and experienced lawyer who can help protect your rights.

Is Google Plus on Its Way Out?

When Google created Google +, it was the linchpin for all other Google related online activities. A prime example is the fact that when you wanted to set up channels and post on You Tube, you had to have a Google + profile. Your Google + account tied your identity to the You Tube videos and in that respect also made you searchable.

However, a recent Google Blog post explains why Google + will no longer be required for other Google products. The Google VP of Streams, Photos and Sharing wrote, “When we launched Google +, we set out to help people discover, share and connect across Google like they do in real life. While we got certain things right, we made a few choices that, in hindsight, we’ve needed to rethink.”

Going forward, to set up a You Tube account or Google Photos app, or location sharing in Hangouts, all you’ll need to have is a Google (Gmail) account. Google email accounts maintain your privacy and aren’t searchable. People who don’t want their Google + profile linked to all their other Google products will be glad to know this.

The phasing out of certain Google + connections will begin with You Tube. All you need is a Google account to create your You Tube account. Other Google + changes will roll out gradually in phases.

Google + will become a social network that organizes posts based on the type of topic and not according to a person’s profile. The Google + network will be optional rather than a prerequisite for using other Google products.

You have to wonder what this means for the future of Google + and whether it will fall away in a similar fashion to Orkut and Buzz. Time will tell the story.

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