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When you are involved in a legal dispute, whether you’re experiencing unfair treatment at work, or you’ve been hurt because of someone else’s carelessness, you want to be represented by attorneys who understand the law and the process, and who have proven their ability to get results for their clients. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you hire the Law Offices of William Cafaro. We’ve obtained several multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts for our clients, and always use our considerable experience, knowledge, skill and resources to pursue maximum compensation for our clients.

In this blog, we’ll offer insights into legal issues, so that you can be a more effective participant in your legal issue. We’ll address a wide range of topics, including:


Employment Law

  • How to know if you have an overtime, discrimination, harassment, wrongful discharge or other work-related claim
  • The best ways to protect your rights when you are being treated unfairly at work
  • What you can expect in terms of damages or other legal redress when you have a problem at work
  • What to expect from your employer during a work-related dispute
  • Any relevant changes in employment law. Read More:

Experienced and Effective Employment and Personal Injury LawyersOur attorneys and staff take a comprehensive approach to employment and personal injury actions, combining thorough preparation with extensive courtroom skills. We understand the stress and anxiety that accompany a personal injury, and place a premium on being available and accessible when you need answers to your questions.

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Restaurants Can Throw Dog Lovers a Bone

“I’m so pleased that the city Department of Health threw dog lovers a bone,” Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal (D-Manhattan) was quoted as saying by The New York Daily News. She sponsored the NYC law that allows dining with dogs.

Restaurant owners already have many regulations to abide by and under the previous law, restaurants were required to verify the dog owner’s licensing and vaccination documents before allowing the dog owner and dog in outdoor restaurant areas. Despite the fact that laws allowed dogs in outdoor areas, this strict requirement kept dog lovers away.

As a restaurant owner, did you know…?

Under new changes in the law, now restaurants simply must post signs that dogs accompanying their owners must be licensed and vaccinated for rabies.

The objective of the legal change was to create a balance that gave dog lovers greater freedoms and still protected other diners at the same time. Restaurant owners are still obligated by law to keep the outdoor dining area separate from pedestrians and dogs on the sidewalk. Also, dogs cannot touch dining table surfaces or obstruct aisle space.

It’s difficult to keep up with regulatory and legal changes. This change is good news for restaurants that allow dogs because it will help them attract more business.

Anymore, the responsibilities of running a business include being legally savvy to protect your rights and interests. Through effective legal guidance, our attorneys at Stephen Hans & Associates can keep you informed and help you protect your rights as a business owner.



Leeds Brown Law, P.C., representing a Nassau County police officer

leeds brown law


Nassau County Police Officer Wins After 6 Years of Desk Duty

Leeds Brown Law, P.C., representing a Nassau County police officer, received an award of $129,500 for emotional damages and a loss of overtime in a civil discrimination lawsuit. As reported by Newsday, the officer’s rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act were violated, resulting in discrimination and limited duties. Partner Rick Ostrove explained, “He is excited to get back to work as a full-duty police officer and help protect the public.”

Full Article

Author of Article from Newsday: Nicole.fuller@newsday.com

Playground Injuries on the Rise: How You Can Protect Your Child?

Kids love to play outdoors and physical exercise is good for them. The fact that playground injuries are on the rise may be frightening to some parents. Even so, there are precautions you can take, but first, here are the facts:

According to a Romper article, the CDC did a study on emergency room visits of children who were age 14 and younger during the period of 2001 and 2013.

Group of kids having fun at school

  • 10 percent or 21,000 children a year have a form of traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Between 2005 and 2013, the statistic increased from 23 out of 100, 000 to 48 out of 100,000 children being treated for TBI
  • Boys between the ages of five to nine were more likely to sustain a brain injury
  • The increase could be attributed to the fact more children were actually using play equipment
  • Most children were injured on monkey bars and swings (The study could not determine whether more injuries occurred because they were the favorite equipment or they were more dangerous.)

The study also indicated that most children recover completely from TBI injuries, and their discomfort only lasted a few hours to a few days.

  • What Can You Do?
  • Knowing what to do to keep your child safe is important for parents.
  • If your child gets injured, be aware of concussion symptoms, which include headaches, dizziness, confusion, nausea and vomiting (AllGov).
  • The most important thing you can do to keep your children safe is to supervise their play.
  • Read More:

Hauppauge, Long Island Divorce Lawyer States::Children First









A father recorded a conversation between his son and his ex-wife’s live-in boyfriend. Later on, when he turned in the recording as evidence, the boyfriend’s attorney challenged the admissibility of the recording, calling it illegal eavesdropping.

According to ABC News, the boy was five years old and the father decided in good faith that recording the violent conversation he was overhearing was necessary for his son’s protection. Read More

The ruling set a precedent for parents being able to eavesdrop on their children when it is done in good faith for the child’s protection.


However, the judge in the case cautioned about certain limitations, including:

  • Age and maturity of the child when considering eavesdropping
  • Not using it as an excuse for illegal wiretapping
  • Not eavesdropping as a parent when doing so in bad faith

Read More:
It will be interesting to see how New York case law develops regarding parents who eavesdrop on children.

If you have questions about whether to record events involving your child, discuss your concerns with attorney Chris Palermo.He will be glad to answer your questions and provide you with effective legal guidance.

Legal Software – an Asset or Limitation?

LEAP legal software

Grappling with a Patchwork of Legal Software

When you get to the office each morning, you adhere to your morning routine. You grab a cup of coffee and sit down at your computer to start your day. You open your accounting software, your document management and your time and billing software. How many separate legal software and other programs does it take to run your practice?

The Small Law Firm Software Challenge

The biggest challenge for small law firms today is not only choosing the right practice management software for your needs, but also identifying when your existing solution is more of a limitation than an asset. Does your legal software manage your practice efficiently? Can you and your staff access  and manage the most up-to-date information on all matters anywhere, at any time?

With Great Software, You Will Answer “Yes” to the Following:

  •  I can work remotely anywhere, anytime.
  •  I have a modern, stable platform that I can easily navigate.
  •  I can access all my matters, documents and accounting information on my mobile phone.
  •  I have access to support resources, both online and face-to-face.
  •  I am entitled to free, automatic software updates.
  •  I use a single application for all my matter documents, correspondence (including emails), trust accounting and billing.

Manage Your Practice With One Program

LEAP has everything you need to run your small law firm in a single application. Create legal documents, access automated legal forms, email directly from the matter, manage trust accounts, time record and manage all of your billing right from LEAP.

Data Conversion is Easy

Since LEAP is a cloud-based software, you can also access everything on the go through the mobile app. Switching software may seem daunting, but LEAP makes it easy. We convert data from other legal software, making the process seamless.

Get Legal Software That’s an Asset – Call LEAP Today

Is your existing patchwork solution working for you? Contact us at (844) 702-5327 or send us an email,

Find out how LEAP can help your small law firm.

Strategic Criminal Defense from a Former Assistant District Attorney/Former Prosecutor

Located in Mineola, across the street from the Nassau County Courts

When you are facing criminal charges, putting a former Assistant District Attorney and Former Prosecutor on your side is a smart decision. Criminal defense attorneys with experience as prosecutors can anticipate the prosecution’s tactics more readily and counter with an aggressive defense strategy.

Attorney David Haber brings more than a decade of experience in criminal law to every case and applies his expertise to a wide variety of criminal charges, including:

Criminal Assault

Violent Crimes

  • Assault & Weapon Charges
  • Burglary
  • Assault
  • Criminal Possession of a Weapon
  • Domestic Violence
  • Homicide
  • Larceny
  • Robbery

Drugs & Alcohol

  • Driving While Impaired by Drugs
  • Drug Charges
  • DWI

Non-Violent Crimes

  • White Collar Crime
  • Forgery

Portrait of handsome man in a studio on a dark background


  • Traffic Offenses
  • Suspended License


  • Juvenile Crimes
  • School Suspensions & Hearings



  • Personal Injury
  • Scaffold Accidents
  • Car Accidents

Law Offices of David W. Haber – New Website Launch

Through our blog posts, we hope to provide you with information that helps you increase your understanding of the legal system. This way, you know more about what to expect when charged with a crime.

We’ve launched a new user friendly website that makes it easy to find information. The responsive web development enables you to access our information from any platform, including mobile devices.

Criminal Defense You Can Trust

When you trust me with your case, I will personally handle all the details and fight aggressively to protect your freedom. I’ll advise you every step of the way and work diligently to obtain the best possible results.


New York Increases the Family Medical Leave Act Benefits

New York Family Medical Leave Act Benefits (FMLA)

As an employer, from time to time, you’ll have employees who want to take a family leave. The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) grants employees the right to take a leave under certain circumstances and also keep their job secure.


The recent New York State law that increased minimum wages also created changes in FMLA leaves for New Yorkers.

Family members can now request a 12 weeks paid family leave. New York’s family leave program is currently the most comprehensive in the nation. The circumstances under which you can request family leaves include:

  • Caring for an infant
  • Caring for a family member with a serious health condition
  • Relieving family pressures when a family member is called to active military service

Here is how the program works: Read More

Benefits for Women: Read More

All too often in the past, when women left their jobs to care for a newborn baby, their careers suffered based on diminished future earnings. This new law aims to equalize income opportunities for women and is a vital step in the long-term for establishing income equality for women.

As an employer, you may have questions or issues that arise regarding family leaves. Stephen Hans & Associates can help you understand your rights as employers and provide effective legal guidance.

What Fees Do I Have to Pay My Lawyer in a Workers’ Compensation Case?

attorney-michael-serresIf you’ve suffered an injury on the job, or contracted an illness that’s work-related in New York, you have a right to seek benefits under the state’s workers’ compensation system. In fact, in many instances, it’s your exclusive remedy, meaning that you cannot file a lawsuit in court to recover for your losses. But if you’ve never been involved in legal matters before, or even if you have, you may be worried about what costs you will incur. After all, if you can’t work because of your injury, chances are good that things are already pretty tight. This blog addresses the issue of any fees that must be paid to your lawyer in a workers’ compensation case. Read More

How Is Your Attorney Paid in a New York Workers’ Compensation Case?

Experienced Workers Compensation Attorneys in New York

At Pyrros & Serres LLP, we handle all matters related to workers’ compensation and Social Security disability claims for people in Queens and across the greater New York City metropolitan area. Because of our reputation for effective advocacy, many of our new clients come to us as referrals from clients and other lawyers.

Practice Management Software for Solo and Small Law Firms

Practice management software for small and solo law firms

Everything you need to run a small law firm.

Want to increase the efficiency and flexibility of your law firm’s practice management and make more money?  LEAP has the solution.

With LEAP cloud legal software, everyone in a solo or small law firm can work naturally using a single integrated system and enable you to get more work done with the same number of people.

LEAP Productivity Tools

LEAP practice management software is a completely integrated legal practice management and accounting solution. Productivity tools include automated document production, time recording, billing and legal and trust accounting.

Find Out More About LEAP

Watch video. Visit the website and request a free demonstration today.