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Spare Yourselves The Agony By Avoiding “Divorce the Hard Way”

Author: Chris Palermo

While no divorce is ever easy, some divorces are the epitome of divorce gone wrong. Rational thinking is absent and emotions become explosive. As the crazy side of yourself and your partner emerges, you find yourselves arguing over the “kitchen sink.” Maintaining a rational perspective can be difficult, and for this reason it is vital to hire a seasoned divorce lawyer. A divorce attorney will protect your interests and advise so you can listen to a voice of reason.

DivorceExamples of Some Outrageous Divorce Entanglements

  • In an effort to avoid talking about clients or recognizable first hand experiences, I found some examples in the Huffington Post where couples lost a viable perspective. The following do a good job of making the point:
  • One couple argued for two hours over who would get the groceries left in the refrigerator. The value of the groceries was around $40 and the cost of the mediation time was about $1,000.
  • During mediation, a couple efficiently arrived at a settlement for dividing personal property, retirement accounts and real property within and hour and a half. They also agreed on a custody arrangement for their six-year old son. However, they then proceeded to spend four hours arguing about how to divide time spent with their dog, which finally resolved through working out a strict calendared schedule for holidays and precise pickup/drop-off times. Read More

Consult with an Attorney about Your Divorce

It is important to consult with a lawyer early on in a divorce case to avoid unnecessary entanglements. Don’t allow your emotions to get the best of you. Attorney Chris Palermo offers compassionate legal help and can help you protect their rights.

Effects of Divorce on Children

The decision to divorce is life changing, and unanswered questions can linger in the back of your mind, making you uncertain or insecure about your decisions.Scientific American reported about research that could be helpful to know.

Should you stay in an unhappy marriage to protect your kids from the harmful effects of divorce?

Every year about 1.5 million children live in families where their parents divorce. According to one research study, only a small percentage of children suffer from serious problems related to divorce. On the short term, the divorce may seem traumatic. Your children may react with anger, anxiety, sadness or shock. However, kids overall recover quickly, and usually by the end of the second year after divorce, such negative emotions disappear. Studies showed that children from intact families and divorced families didn’t differ significantly.

What effects do high levels of parental conflict have on children?

Children subjected to high parental conflict had a more difficult time adjusting in life. This is true whether within a marriage or during or after divorce. Despite this fact, children in high conflict families experienced less shock when learning their parents were getting a divorce. Children were more prepared to hear about the divorce and were less surprised or terrified by the news. Some even experienced relief.

How can you reduce the factors that would adversely affect your children?

You can limit your conflict associated with the divorce process or avoid exposing your child to the conflict. The better you adjust to life changes after divorce, the more likely your child is to adjust well too. Open communication with your children and answering their questions helps them. Good parenting that provides warmth and support and economic stability are also positive influences. Socially supporting your kids and social support from other adults like teachers and the children’s peers can also help them bounce back from the divorce.

Work with a Divorce Lawyer You Can Trust

If you’re contemplating divorce and have questions Attorney Chris Palermo is glad to provide you with experienced legal guidance. He can help you make the right decisions.

Does an Ex-Spouse’s Co-habitation Enable You to End Spousal Support?

Author: Chris Palermo

Sometimes during divorce or after a divorce concludes, the spouse receiving spousal support may begin cohabiting with another partner. Should you have to pay spousal support, which would effectively go to supporting that couple instead of an independent spouse?

How Does New York Law Address This Issue? Read More

Details of the Sanseri v. Sanseri Case

The wife admitted to living with another man, sharing a bedroom and commingling finances through a joint checking account. Read More

Whether she should continue receiving maintenance hung up on the point that she had never “held herself out” as the spouse of her fiancé.

Supreme Court’s Ruling

After reviewing the details and applicable case law, the court ruled that the burden of proof requires that the wife show a need for maintenance or the inability to provide for herself. Read More

If you have questions about spousal support, Attorney Chris Palermo will be glad you answer your questions and advise the best course of legal action.

Hauppauge, Long Island Divorce Lawyer States, “Children first.”









A father recorded a conversation between his son and his ex-wife’s live-in boyfriend. Later on, when he turned in the recording as evidence, the boyfriend’s attorney challenged the admissibility of the recording, calling it illegal eavesdropping.

According to ABC News, the boy was five years old and the father decided in good faith that recording the violent conversation he was overhearing was necessary for his son’s protection.  Read More

The ruling set a precedent for parents being able to eavesdrop on their children when it is done in good faith for the child’s protection.


However, the judge in the case cautioned about certain limitations, including:

  • Age and maturity of the child when considering eavesdropping
  • Not using it as an excuse for illegal wiretapping
  • Not eavesdropping as a parent when doing so in bad faith

Read More:
It will be interesting to see how New York case law develops regarding parents who eavesdrop on children.

If you have questions about whether to record events involving your child, discuss your concerns with attorney Chris Palermo. He will be glad to answer your questions and provide you with effective legal guidance.


wife never knew she was divorced

wife never knew she was divorced

“Married” for 20 Years—Husband Had Secretly Obtained Divorce to Protect Property

A New York woman made a stunning discovery in November, 2015, when a tax bill arrived at the home she and her husband had shared for most of their 20 year marriage. The lawyer she hired to investigate the apparent mistake discovered that the woman’s husband had filed and obtained a divorce from her, just four months after their wedding, in an apparent attempt to protect his assets. Nonetheless, he lived with her for the next 20 years, raised a child with her, made her his health-care proxy and granted her power of attorney.

Christina Carta Villi, a professor of Italian literature when she met her future husband Gabriel Villi in 1994, an attorney and travel agent. The couple “bought” a condo on West 55th and raised a son. What Carta Villi did not know, though, was that just four months after their wedding, Gabriel filed for a divorce Read More

Contact an Experienced New York Divorce and Family Law Attorney

At the law office of Chris Palermo, Esq., we bring more than 13 years of experience to men and women in divorce and family law matters, representing clients across Long Island. To learn more about our practice, see our divorce and family law page.

Author: Christopher Palermo- Divorce & Family Law Attorney with offices on Long Island:Hauppauge, Huntington, Babylon, & Garden City,New York




The Complications in Soros’ Million Dollar Divorce

Complications in Million Dollar Divorce

Complications in Million Dollar Divorce

Million Dollar Divorce

The son of the world’s second wealthiest hedge fund manager, George Soros, filed for divorce in 2014 after 22 years of marriage. A property division trial resulted from a dispute over substantial amounts of money.

According to Page Six , Soros’ son, Robert, deposited $21 million into his personal accounts while his wife, Melissa, struggled with breast cancer. Melissa testified that he deposited $21 million in jointly filed tax refunds. She explained that during her extensive rounds of chemo treatments for breast cancer, she also experienced pneumonia, broke her ankle and had problems with insomnia…Read More

New York Property Division laws dictate equitable division, which means each spouse owns the income he or she earns during the marriage and has rights to property that is in his or her name alone. Judges determine assets division, which may or may not be exactly equal. (Findlaw)

The jointly filed return and arriving at a fair and equitable property division are what complicate this matter.

If you’re struggling with property division disagreements, consult with attorney Chris Palermo. Chris is an experienced Long Island divorce lawyer who has helped numerous clients overcome the challenges involved with divorce.

Chris Palermo,Divorce & Family Law Attorney

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