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Mike Pyrros, Construction Site Accidents and Workers Compensaton ClaimsIs Workers’ Compensation Your Exclusive Remedy?

When you’ve been hurt on the job in New York, you have a right to file a workers’ compensation claim for benefits to cover lost wages and income, as well as any medical expenses incurred. Is that your only legal recourse? Let’s look at some of the other types of benefits or compensation and determine if they affect your right to workers’ compensation benefits.

Q: Can I choose to file a lawsuit instead of a workers’ compensation claim? Read More

Q: Can I file a civil suit and a workers’ compensation claim for the same injury?    

A: Yes, provided you can show that your employer had some responsibility for your injury and that an unrelated third party also caused the accident in some way. Don’t expect to collect more than once for a specific loss, though. For example, if your medical expenses were reimbursed by workers’ compensation, you cannot recover those same losses in a personal injury lawsuit in court.

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Q: Can I receive unemployment compensation and workers’ compensation benefits at the same time? Read More

Experienced Queens, New York Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

At the law office of Pyrros & Serres, we offer more than five decades of combined experience to people throughout Queens and across the New York City metropolitan area who have suffered a workplace injury or illness. We emphasize personal service and attention, learning the details of your injury, as well as your goals, so that we can tailor our counsel to get the results you want. Many of our new cases come as referrals from doctors, lawyers and satisfied clients.

We offer comprehensive counsel to men and women who have suffered any type of work injury:

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Workers’ Compensation Attorneys—Queens, New York

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