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Lawyer Networking Tips to Grow Your Law Practice


Jeff Nischwitz, the Founder and Chief Question Officer of, discusses the three fundamentals for networking and building relationships that will grow your law practice.

Networking is about meeting people and looking for relationships. Through relationships you can build referral networks and they’ll help you with your personal life and practice.

Relationships are not about business or personal, according to Jeff, they are about helping.

Here are 3 core things you can thing about in achieving value.

1. Be committed to giving and helping. more

Lawyer Networking and Business Development


Jeff Nischwitz is an entrepreneur, business builder, leader and lawyer. He has a knack for different thinking.

Jeff talks about a recent experience and his thoughts about business relationship building…

Recently, I had an experience (unfortunately not too uncommon) that confirmed to me that the business world is still not on track in terms of its approach to business development and sales. I was on my way to a meeting and was initially pleasantly surprised that a woman sitting in the waiting/reception more

Lawyer Networking and Relationship Building to Grow Your Business


Jeff Nischwitz, the Founder and Chief Question Officer of Think Again, discusses three fundamentals for building relationships that will grow your business.

According to Jeff, there are three core things to build relationships.

1. Be committed to helping…be a giver. 2. Be interested and not interesting. Ask questions, listen to the answers. Be interested in others and find out how you can help them. 3. Don’t tell people what you do – and don’t ask them what they do. Most people don’t more

Lawyer Networking – Building Your Law Practice Through Networking


Ben Neiberger of Neiberger Law discusses growing your legal practice through networking and the use of contact-management software.

In this interview attorney Ben Neiberger was asked:

what can you do to grow your legal business? how is the business changing? what do small firms need to do today?

One of the best ways in today’s economy to do your marketing and get business in, according to Attorney Neiberger, is networking. Some great ways to meet a lot of attorneys & network are…

1. volunteer for public speaking through more