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New York Construction site Accidents, Labor Law 240


Author: Sackstein, Sackstein & Lee, LLP

Working in the construction industry can be dangerous and construction sites are often rife with potential risk to workers. Falls from ladders and improper scaffolding is one of the leading causes of injuries on construction sites. When you fall, even a short distance you can sustain serious injuries including:

• Muscle sprains • Broken bones • Concussion • Brain damage • Paralysis

Typically, construction workers have a higher incidence of workplace injuries that require time away from work than any other industry. Although the average more

World Trade Center Bombing, Osama Bin Ladan


Author: Cindy LeClaire

For the families of the 3000+ people who terrorists killed in the World Trade Center attack nearly 10 years ago, today’s news of the death of Osama Bin Ladan is welcome news.

As a woman who lost a dear brother and a cousin, the news brings tears to my eyes once again. My life and the lives of all the families who lost loved ones on 911 were deeply and indelibly affected.

This is a good time to say, “thank more

Attorneys, Healthcare Professionals, Planning with Purpose


To plan or Not to Plan Author: Robert Goldberg, CEO

For attorneys, compliance specialists, governance executives, planners and strategists who work in the healthcare industry, their role is a blessing and a curse. Let me explain….we are blessed in that our guidance is attached to an industry in constant flux with no true north. This says, precision is ok, accuracy is not needed. This is a blessing in that nobody really knows how healthcare reform is going to impact us, but as more

Human Trafficker is Deported to US


Author: Leeds Morelli & Brown, PC

A man named Veniamin Gonikman, who is 55 years old, has been captured and detained on charges that include human trafficking, forced labor, alien smuggling, money laundering, extortion and conspiracy was arrested at John F. Kennedy International Airport. US immigration Officials hold that his company helped to traffick Eastern European women in the U.S. Gonikman is considered to be a top fugitive wanted by U.S. immigration officials. The company, known as Beauty more