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Lawyers-Market and Invest In Yourself

It’s human nature to want the quick fix, easy road, fast buck, etc. That is why it is not surprising that so many legal professionals are looking for ways to benefit from web marketing without having to invest any time or money.

The truth is, no one can market YOU better than YOU.

While marketing consultants can provide you with the knowledge, tools, and methodology, they will never be quite as good as representing you, than you are.

That is why investing your time into your marketing is one of the best investments you can make.

In my experience working with law firms on their online marketing campaigns, those who are willing to commit themselves to participating generally do far better than those that take the completely hands-off approach. This should come as no surprise.

First, our attorney clients who are engaged in the process are more responsive. As lawyers know, their clients’ responsiveness is a key factor to success. The same is true when it comes to working with a marketing consultant.

Second, attorneys that make time investments in their online marketing, produce better tangible results. Their web content is typically better, their reputation in online communities is generally better, and their conversion rates are generally higher.

Whether you’re working with an outside consultant, or handling your marketing in-house, investing your own time in your marketing, is one of the best investments you can make in terms of building your professional reputation both on and offline.

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If you’re looking for law firm news, rankings, legal jobs or salary information check out

This website gives attorneys, legal professionals, and law students the chance to rate and discuss various law firms with others “in the know, anonymously and for free”.

Some of the info you can find here…

Judged states their law firm news and information is accessible any time and their daily newsletter will give readers the latest developments.

Hope you find this info helpful and interesting…

Lawyer Networking Tips to Grow Your Law Practice

Jeff Nischwitz, the Founder and Chief Question Officer of, discusses the three fundamentals for networking and building relationships that will grow your law practice.

Networking is about meeting people and looking for relationships. Through relationships you can build referral networks and they’ll help you with your personal life and practice.

Relationships are not about business or personal, according to Jeff, they are about helping.

Here are 3 core things you can thing about in achieving value.

    1. Be committed to giving and helping. How can I help this person without any expectation of anything in return? If your brain is thinking results you can’t be committed to helping.
    2. Be interested in other people – LISTEN and be interested in others.
    3. According to Jeff, when you’re networking, th dumbest question to ask is “what do you do?”. Do you really care what that person does? No!  Do you really want to understand what their business is all about? Or who they are as a person?  Yes.  Ask  “what do you like to do when you’re not working” … act like a person when you’re networking.

Listen to Jeff’s video now…

Contact Jeff at (216) 373-7610 or

What Makes a Successful Immigration Attorney?

What are the qualities for New York Immigration Law Firm Success?

The following is Spar & Bernstein’s “10 Commandments” for Being a Successful Immigration Attorney…

    What makes a successful immigration attorney?1. Thou shall always help our clients understand the process and what’s happening in her or his case.2. Thou shall always stay current and update our knowledge on immigration because immigration laws are constantly changing.

    3. Thou shall always fully document everything Immigration asks for, never making the assumption they’ll read between the lines.

    4. Thou shall always be neat and organized.

    5. Thou shall always be fully, completely and totally prepared. Prior to entering the interview process or courtroom, we’ll know their clients’ cases “from top to bottom, left to right.”

    6. Thou shall always make sure our clients have confidence in us.

    7. Thou shall always have a solid diary system, so the dealines and cases do not fall through the cracks.

    8. Thou shall always keep detailed notes of every conversation we have with our clients and also note everything we do in their cases.

    9. Thou shall never easily take no as an answer and we’ll always try to find a way to make positive things happen.

    10. Thou shall always have both compassion and passion for our clients’ situations. ” We must fight as hard as we can, from start to end, and as best we can imagine walking in the shoes of the enormous hardships through which they’re suffering.”

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Lawyer Networking – Building Your Law Practice Through Networking

Ben Neiberger of Neiberger Law discusses growing your legal practice through networking and the use of contact-management software.

In this interview Attorney Ben Neiberger was asked:

  • what can you do to grow your legal business?
  • how is the business changing?
  • what do small firms need to do today?

One of the best ways in today’s economy to do your marketing and get business in, according to Attorney Neiberger, is networking. Some great ways to meet a lot of attorneys & network are…

    1. volunteer for public speaking through CLE events.
    2. local BAR events and  regular social events

He does say lawyers should not “advertise” themselves, but rather tell other lawyers what you do and let people get to know and like you on a personal level.  Ben cautions: It takes 6-9 months for networking to see results and “don’t expect the rain to start falling”. It does take some time, he says.

To learn what contact-management software Ben uses you can listen to the video and learn more. This YouTube video was provided by The Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education IICLE, which is the leading accredited provider of continuing legal education in the state of Illinois –

Thanks to Ben Neiberger and the IICLE video for this helpful information!