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Lawyers-Market and Invest In Yourself

It’s human nature to want the quick fix, easy road, fast buck, etc. That is why it is not surprising that so many legal professionals are looking for ways to benefit from web marketing without having to invest any time or money. The truth is, no one can market YOU better than YOU. While marketing […]

Find Law Firm News, Law Firm Ratings, Law Firm Salaries

If you’re looking for law firm news, rankings, legal jobs or salary information check out This website gives attorneys, legal professionals, and law students the chance to rate and discuss various law firms with others “in the know, anonymously and for free”. Some of the info you can find here… Law Firm News Legal […]

Lawyer Networking Tips to Grow Your Law Practice

Jeff Nischwitz, the Founder and Chief Question Officer of, discusses the three fundamentals for networking and building relationships that will grow your law practice. Networking is about meeting people and looking for relationships. Through relationships you can build referral networks and they’ll help you with your personal life and practice. Relationships are not about […]

What Makes a Successful Immigration Attorney?

What are the qualities for New York Immigration Law Firm Success? The following is Spar & Bernstein’s “10 Commandments” for Being a Successful Immigration Attorney… 1. Thou shall always help our clients understand the process and what’s happening in her or his case.2. Thou shall always stay current and update our knowledge on immigration because […]

Lawyer Networking – Building Your Law Practice Through Networking

Ben Neiberger of Neiberger Law discusses growing your legal practice through networking and the use of contact-management software. In this interview Attorney Ben Neiberger was asked: what can you do to grow your legal business? how is the business changing? what do small firms need to do today? One of the best ways in today’s economy […]

ABA Journal Legal Rebels Project-Law Practice Today

Edward Adams is the editor and publisher or the ABA Journal. He discusses how the Legal Rebels Project evolved and talks about how the practice of law has changed over the past several years. He poses the question “How will the practice of law be changed by this recession and what will the profession look […]

Get some great lawyer articles from blog

Lawyerist—the lawyering survival guide: the leading law practice blog. Lawyerist is a blog published by Sam Glover and Aaron Street, along with a team of prominent writers. They provide advice on law firm practice management, marketing, career development, technology, law school success, legal ethics, and how to start a law practice.   Here are a few […]

New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer and Marketer

I like to follow, study and learn from various lawyer marketing strategies out there. I’ve been following the work of New York attorney Gerry Oginski and in my opinion he is an excellent marketer.  Here he describes how he became a marketer of his legal services. Gerry had his “Aha” moment, he says in his LawyersVideoStudio blog, about two […]