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Put Technology in Your Pocket
Rick Kabra, Easysoft-USA

If you have been pondering the value of mobile phone apps for your firm’s practice, keep your eyes open. Ideas are whirling though cyberspace. A website app can help you interact with clients and legal app tools can come to the rescue whether you are in chambers with the judge, tied up in court or at lunch with a client.

Here is how a leading legal software developer put a mobile phone app to work.

When it comes to harnessing technology for the customers’ benefit, Easy Soft knows how to stay on top of the game. This week, the New Jersey company introduced a NJ Child Support Calculator application. Now, New Jersey family law attorneys can calculate child support anywhere they have an Internet connection.

Android, iPhone and IPad versions are ready now. The download for Blackberry will be out soon. Click here to learn more. Install the exciting new smartphone app today —it’s free!

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